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We do not sell or share your information with anyone else.


Cancellation and No Show Policy


Cancellation is possible 4 hours prior to the pick up time. In case of late cancellation or no show the full price of the ride might be charged.


In order to cancel a ride call us at (561) 666-6682 or send us an e-mail to


NOTE: Our Cancellation and No Show Policy for events and special occasions might be executed differently than our standard Cancellation and No Show Policy and if so it will be accordingly stated in our confirmation e-mail.


Wait Time - Airport Pick Ups


We do not charge wait time for commercial flight arrivals.


Wait Time - Point-to-Point Transfer


First 20 minutes of wait time is permitted. After 20 minutes wait fee might be charged based on our hourly rate prorated in 15 minutes intervals. Please note that we have different hourly rates per vehicle type.


Extra Stops


One stop - up to 15 minutes - is permitted. After 15 minutes Extra Stop Fee is going to be charged based on the hourly charge of the vehicle type in rounded-up 15 minute increments.  If more than one stop is needed or if the first stop lasts more than one hour, the trip will be converted to Hourly Charge (minimum 3 hours will be charged).


Extra Charges


Extra Charges can be added to base rates, includes greeter fee, parking, port or special airport fee, cleaning fee, special requests and tolls.


Rate Quotes


Quoted rates prior to service are only an initial estimate of the cost of the requested service. Wait time and/or additional services may change the final price.


Child Safety Seats


For safety and insurance reasons Black Car Division does not provide or install child safety or booster seats. However, customers required to provide and install their own child safety or booster seats that meets the local or State requirements.


Lost or Misplaced Items


Black Car Division assumes no liability for any lost or misplaced personal property or any other items.


Airport Transfer


The charge for a transfer to or from a commercial airport or FBO location to a predefined location.


Hourly Charge


The charge for "As-Directed" service when there is an itinerary involved or the chauffeur takes instructions from the customer; typically involves multiple stops.


Point-to-Point Transfer


The charge for predefined transfer from the most frequently traveled routes in a given market, separate and aside from airport transfers, as defined above.


Base Rate


The rate charged for basic transportation services before any Gratuity, Airport Fee, International Arrival Fee, Incidental Charges, and/or Tax is added.

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